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10 best live-action movies with Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill will not be 35 until this year’s penultimate day of autumn. His calendar youth hides behind his vast, ornate acting experience, to say ...
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10 greatest games by the Pizza Line

Nearly a decade has passed since Dany Heatley broke up the Ottawa Senators Pizza Line. But because the start of hockey season coincides with National ...
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Conan, Michael Palin overdue for a crossover

Times were much simpler for Conan O’Brien when he last had Michael Palin on his show. Palin, who rose to fame in his native Great ...
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SNL’s top 5 Seth Meyers sketches

For the first time in 12 years, Seth Meyers will be a sketch regular on Saturday Night Live. Given his program-record anchoring tenure on Weekend ...
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Greatest NCAA men’s graduating classes

The 51st national final in NCAA men’s hockey history represented the ultimate intersection of outstanding senior classes. Except whereas one of those classes was a ...
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School of Rock holds up by sticking to serious fun

Dewey Finn (Jack Black) does not need Horace Green Prep as much as the other way around. How quickly School of Rock establishes that twist ...
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