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The mirthful mysteries of Dartmouth Hockey Twitter

It was Selection Sunday for men’s hockey; hardly a holiday in Hanover for 38 years and counting. The local Division I program had seen the ...
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10 greatest NHL playoff series of the 1930s

The latter half of the 1930s saw the NHL playoff format evolve in a hurry. By 1937, the practice of awarding a two-game set based ...

While the Cup Was Won: April 3, 1930, Montreal Canadiens

Imagine having to choose between watching live coverage of a championship sporting event and that of a major awards show. Odds are no generation from ...

While the Cup Was Won: March 29, 1929

To cap America’s “Roaring Twenties,” the decade’s last Stanley Cup Final completed a hat trick of icebreakers for the NHL’s U.S. presence. Two years prior, ...

While the Cup Was Won: April 14, 1928

“The show must go on.” That old saying was Hugh Jackman’s line to Zac Efron near the end of The Greatest Showman, which chronicles the ...

While the Cup Was Won: 1926-27 Ottawa Senators

International impact was the immediate and long-term theme of the day on April 13, 1927. On the immediate side, a milestone-filled Stanley Cup Final came ...
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