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Puck Goes Pop

An interview with the voices behind the Quack Attack Podcast

Mike Florek, Tommy Magelssen and Kevin Cullen, three Dallas-based sportswriters, have produced over 130 episodes of the Quack Attack Podcast, discussing numerous topics pertaining to the ...
The Collegian

UND should do more to remember its bygone team

Six months later, the University of North Dakota’s decision to eliminate its women’s hockey program is fully sinking in. The first weekend of the calendar ...
The Greatest

10 greatest Anaheim Mighty Ducks players

During the 12 seasons as a Disney-influenced NHL brand, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks had a number of outstanding players appear on the roster. The early ...
Hollywood and HockeyLife After Hockey

Miracle’s West: ‘It all started with Mighty Ducks 2’

Long before he played through a bruise on the leg as Rob McClanahan, goaltending prodigy Nathan West launched his acting endeavors by taking a bruise ...
Meet the Press

Matt McConnell shares his fond Pond memories

Matt McConnell is entering his seventh season as the play-by-play TV broadcaster for the Arizona Coyotes. As such, he will witness the inaugural home game for the ...
The Very Best Of

10 best Mighty Ducks parodies and cultural references

Any memorable TV or film franchise is bound to draw references in other programs or movies. The Mighty Ducks trilogy is no exception. From late-night talk shows ...
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