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10 best films featuring Anne Hathaway

10 best films featuring Anne Hathaway
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With Ocean’s 8 premiering this week, Anne Hathaway is ending a two-year gap between Internet Movie Database credits.

Since she entered the mainstream in 1999, only 2003 and 2017 have gone by without an addition to her resume. But more often than not, in this decade, Hathaway has hit the silver screen under multiple titles in a given year. And there is always a decent chance one of those movies will be named to the American Film Institute’s annual top 10 films of the year.

As her profile projects, she will add three by the end of 2018. Four other planned productions have yet to set a release date. Another (currently classified as “rumored” by IMDB) is supposedly due for 2020.

While far from Ocean’s 8’s top billing (Sandra Bullock owns the title role), Hathaway is rarely held back by supporting status. For the better part of her first two decades in Hollywood, she has drawn sole or shared accolades. Her commended performances transcend more than a dozen genres, with hardly any film falling under one category.

Given that versatility and can’t-miss prowess, the 35-year-old Hathaway will be crucial to the crime dramedy’s reception. Based on her individual success and a given film’s collective achievement, here is what Ocean’s 8 has to live up to.

10. Bride Wars
Collectively, Hathaway and company were up for a 2010 People’s Choice prize for favorite comedy. Individually, Hathaway won a Teen Choice Award, edging co-star Kate Hudson and three other competitors as the top actress in a comedy film.

9. Becoming Jane
Few high-profile award distributors gave this movie much of a look. With that said, it was the 2008 People’s Choice pick among independent films. In addition, for playing the title role, Hathaway was a best-actress nominee at the 2007 British Independent Film Awards.

8. Love & Other Drugs
In a semi-reunion of Brokeback Mountain five years later, Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal clicked in a much lighter project. They were each nominated for a Golden Globe as best actress and actor, respectively. For the same 2010 romantic comedy, Hathaway won a Satellite in the same category.

7. Rio
To date, Jewel remains Hathaway’s definitive voiceover role. The first of the two Rio films yielded four nominations in her name. She was up for the title of best animated female by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, along with a BTVA, People’s Choice and Teen Choice award.

As a whole, the Rio cast and crew produced an Annie nomination for the 2012 cycle’s best animated film. Various colleagues of Hathaway’s combined for seven other Annie nods, including one win, plus one Oscar consideration.

6. Alice in Wonderland
The musical and visual artists from behind the scenes attained most of this movie’s accolades. But the full cast and crew can claim credit for a 2011 Golden Globe nomination for best comedy or musical.

Between the film’s three Oscar and Golden Globe nods, Johnny Depp was the only individual actor on the mainstream ballots. But for playing the White Queen, Hathaway won the project’s only Scream award (best supporting actress) out of eight nominations.

5. The Devil Wears Prada
An AFI movie of the year, this 2006 dramedy won one Golden Globe out of three nods. Its other major American award nominations included two Oscars and one AARP and SAG apiece. Across the pond, it amassed five BAFTA nominations.

Most of these major honors were specific to Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt’s performances. But Hathaway was considered individually for a Jupiter and in tandem with Streep for the Teen Choices chemistry honor.

4. Rachel Getting Married
As the star of this widely acclaimed drama, Hathaway garnered its only Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG nomination. Along with Streep (Doubt), she split the title of best actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards, which also nominated the cast for best ensemble.

In addition, her performance cultivated the best-actress prize from several individual city panels.

3. Brokeback Mountain
Hathaway’s castmates and crew complements fetched three Oscars out of eight nominations. Among other high-end honors, the 2005 drama won four Golden Globes, BAFTAs and SAGs apiece and an AFI top-10 selection.

For her part, Hathaway shared one of those SAG nominations as part of the guild’s finalists for best cast. Her name is listed as part of the equivalent honor from the Gold Derbies and three other less-mainstream academies.

2. The Dark Knight Rises
One could argue that this movie and Hathaway’s portrayal of Selina Kyle might have built a more ornate legacy in a different year. As it happened, this was released in the summer of 2012, five months before Les Miserables.

There will be more on the latter later. But despite stiff competition in its award season, The Dark Knight Rises had a non-allergenic showing. It was one of 2012’s AFI movies of the year and received five People’s Choice nominations.

Hathaway nabbed one of those five nods as a finalist for the favorite face of heroism title. In addition, the action-thriller was eligible for Saturns, and Hathaway filled a supporting-actress slot as one of its six nominations there.

1. Les Miserables
Though billed below Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackson, Hathaway was the only actor to win an Oscar for this classic musical adaptation. The other two Academy Awards out of eight nominations for Les Mis went to the makeup and sound crews.

Hathaway similarly swept through the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and SAGs for her supporting role of Fantine. In so doing, she single-handedly accounted for four of the film’s 11 victories between the four major panels.

Naturally, her name also shows up on the roster that received a best motion-picture cast nomination at the 2013 SAGs. The same went for the Gold Derbies.

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