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Best actor from each AHL Pacific Division city

Actors from AHL Pacific Division cities: Justin Boiland
Justin Roiland is the co-creator and versatile voice behind the Adult Swim sensation, Rick and Morty. (Photo by Michael Buckner/WireImage via Getty Images)

Editor’s note: This is the fourth installment of a series in which a Pucks and Rec writer will select the top contemporary entertainment citizen of every city in a select minor-league hockey division. The eight markets comprising the AHL Pacific Division are this week’s focus. All filmography and award information is courtesy of the Internet Movie Database.

Bakersfield: Derek Mears
Unfavorable critical reviews of 2009’s Friday the 13th remake did not hamper Mears’ search for work in the 2010s. While he is far from a star, enough high-ranking casting directors have appreciated his assets, even for one-off TV spots.

Between 2010 and 2017, Mears has logged at least one guest appearance on Community, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Key and Peele and Twin Peaks.

Ontario: T Lopez
While better known as a singer, Lopez has three onscreen appearances to her IMDB credit. The two full-length films she acted in combine for the varied genres of comedy, drama and war.

That may not be much of a gift to the movie industry for a Los Angeles suburb whose population is pushing 164,000. But it is what it is.

San Antonio: Jared Padelecki
If not for the self-imposed circumstances behind his dismissal from Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson would own this title. With that said, the Supernatural costar is more than worthy in his own right.

Padalecki’s 12 years and counting opposite Jensen Ackles as the Winchester brothers has amounted to four People’s Choice nominations. He shared a 2014 victory with Ackles and Misha Collins for the title of favorite TV bromance.

Last year, Padalecki also reprises his role as Dean Forester in Netflix’s limited revival of Gilmore Girls. Forester, Winchester and Wade (House of Wax) have combined to earn him seven Teen Choice nominations.

San Diego: Ted Danson
Appearing on a 2017 Gold Derby ballot for The Good Place makes 54 nominations on Danson’s transcript. While not as ornate as he was when Cheers brought the majority of his 10 victories, Danson remains an impact player wherever he goes.

In this decade alone, the almost septuagenarian San Diegan has premiered three acclaimed characters. He started with four years as D.B. Russell on CSI, then two seasons of its Cyber spinoff. In between, he portrayed Hank Larsson in the second season of Fargo.

Actors from AHL Pacific Division cities: Ted Danson

With three Golden Globes and two Emmys, Ted Danson continues to see regular action on programs of various genres. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

If those roles made anyone forget his comedy roots, Danson continues to make regular appearances as himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm. And with his return to NBC last year, he and Kristen Bell dynamically embody two generations of bona fide sitcom stardom.

An honorable mention goes to Cameron Diaz, a four-time Golden Globe nominee who has logged no credits since 2014.

San Jose: Kate Walsh
The Barracuda continue to cohabitate with the parent Sharks at the SAP Center. Accordingly, refer to Pucks and Recreation’s prior list of the top actors from NHL Pacific Division cities for further details.

Stockton: Justin Roiland
The dual title voice behind Rick and Morty has won a BTVA for both roles. The grandfather, Rick, fetched the first victory in 2015. The grandson, Morty, secured Roiland’s repeat while the show’s ensemble was nominated in the cast category.

The third-year Adult Swim series and its early array of accolades have rewarded Roiland’s dues in the recording booth. He logged his stripes toward the series — his own creation — by frequently guest voicing on Adventure Time, Fish Hooks and Gravity Falls.

And as his Twitter account will attest, Roiland hardly goes long without thinking of his San Joaquin County roots. He will regularly bring his “Rickmobile” to the Stockton area and volunteer to enhance people’s lives in his community.

Texas (Cedar Park): Alejandro Munoz
Munoz attended Cedar Park High School in the small Austin suburb that houses the Dallas Stars’ top affiliate. According to his IMDB bio, he mustered a minor part on the second season of NBC’s Revolution, which was shot in Austin. A year later, he was in the background of the dramedy film, Divine Access.

Just as it is with Ontario, that is hardly radiant representation. But bear in mind that, per City Data, Cedar Park is hovering around a modest population of 70,000.

Tucson: Greg Kinnear
Kinnear acquired his Tucson ties by attending the University of Arizona. He meant to leave with a drama degree, but switched majors to broadcast journalism.

As it happened, his studies in both disciplines reaped professional rewards. Kinnear arrived on the entertainment scene as the first host of E!’s Talk Soup. That program paved the way for Joel McHale’s The Soup on the same network.

For Kinnear, three years of talk-show hosting gave way to a return to a focus on full-fledged acting. He has since garnered one Oscar nomination, two Emmy candidacies and roles as Jack Kennedy and Joe Biden in a miniseries and TV movie, respectively.

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