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Best actors from WHL East Division cities

Best TV/movie actor from every WHL East Division city
Through Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany has been a one-woman dynasty at the Canadian Screen Awards five years running. (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images)

Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in a recurring series where a Pucks and Rec writer will select the top contemporary actor from each city in a hockey league. This week, we focus on the current markets in the WHL East Division. All filmography and award information was found on the Internet Movie Database.

Brandon: Alicia Thorgrimsson
Be prepared to bear with a borderline default pick on this one.

Granted, it has been five years since Thorgrimsson made any on-camera appearances. With that said, her latest role was on the popular short-order ABC series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Earlier on, Thogrimsson had started breaking her acting ice with spots on The New Addams Family, Stargate SG-1 and Da Vinci’s Inquest. While that foundation has not yielded much since the turn of the century, it is the best Brandon has produced.

Moose Jaw: Briana Buckmaster
The Leo Awards named Buckmaster the top guest actress on a drama series in 2015 for her spot on Supernatural. Specifically, they crowned her for her second overall appearance as Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

Since then, Buckmaster has reprised her role three times on the successful CW series. Per the actress’ IMDB profile, Sheriff Hanscum will also cross over into the show’s spin-off, Wayward Sisters, this year.

Buckmaster has long since settled in Vancouver, her country’s answer to Los Angeles as far as acting goes. But as reporter Sabrina Furminger of the Vancouver Courier unearthed, a drink of her hometown’s theatre scene spawned her career.

“Buckmaster’s journey to her Supernatural moment began in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,” Furminger wrote in 2016, “where she caught the showbiz bug at 11 years old during a performance of Les Miserables.”

Prince Albert: Ellie Harvie
Hardly any living actors born in Prince Albert have garnered an on-camera role in this calendar decade. But Harvie, who moved there early in her upbringing, is still logging credits and Leo nominations.

For more on Harvie’s credentials, take a look back at when she represented her native Belleville, Ontario, on our list of top actors from AHL North Division cities.

Regina: Tatiana Maslany
Maslany won the Primetime Emmy for lead acting in a drama series on her second straight nomination in 2016. Her alma mater, Regina-based Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, made no effort to hide its pride via posters afterward.

Her performance on Orphan Black had previously drawn a 2014 Golden Globe nomination. And back in her homeland, it has made her a Canadian Screen Awards dynasty five years running.

Amidst that string, Maslany has also earned a CSA for her role in the 2016 romantic drama film, The Other Half. Within the last two years, Two Lovers and a Bear and Stronger have fetched her nominations at smaller shows.

Besides her hardware-magnet starring roles, Maslany has logged a smattering of high-end guest spots on American TV. In the past five years, that has included two appearances on Parks and Recreation and one on Drunk History.

Saskatoon: Kim Coates
Last spring, Coates returned to his hometown and addressed the newest graduates at his alma mater, the University of Saskatchewan. He left them with the advice, “never be afraid to fail because if you do that, you never will fail — ever.”

Since breaking into TV with a guest spot on Miami Vice as his second mainstream credit in 1987, Coates has demonstrated his dogma. In this century, he has seen action on three versions of CSI plus Prison Break, Cold Case and Smallville.

Bigger roles on the small and silver screen have popped up within the past decade. In turn, some have yielded hardware or at least consideration.

The CSA guild considered Coates for 2013’s supporting actor prize after he turned heads as Ronnie Hortense in Goon. He landed that role at the halfway mark of his six-year run as Tig on Sons of Anarchy. He then reprised his performance as the Highlanders coach last year in the sequel, Last of the Enforcers.

Honorable mention: David Sutcliffe, a two-time CSA nominee for Cracked and fellow Saskatoon native. Although he spent less time growing up there than Coates.

Swift Current: Guy Fauchon
Though not by much, Swift Current is a tad more competitive than Brandon. Fauchon basically had to beat out the 22-year-old Nicole Garies, who has all of one credit on her resume, to win this honor.

But there is a measure of quality in the quantity of Fauchon’s track record. This past week, he broke a three-year drought on credits with a guest spot on The X-Files (2018).

That goes down as the latest testament to the notion that when the ringer hits the net, he strikes it with authority. Fauchon previously appeared on Once Upon a Time (2015), Supernatural (2014) and Stargate SG-1 (2007).

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