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Operating a website that blends hockey and pop culture together is a unique endeavor. Pucks and Recreation is looking for versatile writers that can help us achieve success through compelling storytelling, captivating interviews and insightful commentary on sports and entertainment.

In our past life on the world wide web as Along the Boards, we were searching for aspiring beat writers looking to simply blog about a particular team on a regular basis. If that’s what you’re hoping to accomplish, you’ve come to the wrong place. Day-to-day hockey coverage is in our rear-view mirror. Pucks and Recreation will operate much like a magazine, with assigned columns and features scheduled throughout each week, all crafted with the intent of creating content not found on hundreds upon hundreds of other hockey-focused web outlets.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, please email us the following:

  1. Your resume OR a brief description of your qualifications (education, writing experience)
  2. Two or more writing samples that are focused on hockey and/or pop culture
  3. A brief pitch, along with 10 interview questions, for either a feature (or Q&A) on a prominent hockey figure discussing an element of pop culture they’ve expressed interest in (provide link to article or tweet that verifies this) OR a feature (or Q&A) on a prominent celebrity (actor, musician, etc.) with ties to hockey