Jordyn Pimm: Two countries, two majors, ample options

Jordyn Pimm
Since coming to Lindenwood one month into the 2016-17 school year and hockey season, Jordyn Pimm has embraced the 'all-encompassing' benefits of a major in international relations. And she got an informative start with firsthand exposure to Parliament back in her home country. (Photo courtesy of Lindenwood Athletics)

Aside from avid viewers of political TV programs, few people catch an inside glimpse into politics’ inner workings. For Jordyn Pimm, a Lindenwood Lions forward and double major in international relations and business administration, politics became a natural part of her life and inspired her to work on others’ behalf.

This passion led her to some remarkable opportunities.

“I’ve been very lucky to have had two experiences to work with Canadian Member of Parliament Bob Zimmer,” she told Pucks and Recreation. “Once in high school and over the summer and fall after I graduated I was actually interning with him when Lindenwood approached me.

“The internships were really rewarding because I was able to experience multiple degrees of the Canadian political process from local to international issues along with the administration processes.”

Working with Zimmer, who has represented British Columbia’s Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies district in Ottawa since 2011, has fueled Pimm’s love for politics and international relations. However, this love began at an early age.

Although she now calls Ottawa home, Pimm grew up in Kamloops, a small city whose district neighbors Zimmer’s to the south. Her family proved the greatest influence on her career choices.

“My dad has a background in political science, and the news would be on every morning before school,” said Pimm. “I guess I naturally became curious about what was happening outside of my community and international relations study encompasses a ‘little bit of everything,’ it felt like it was a natural choice for me to pursue.”

Pimm’s interest only intensified when she moved to Ottawa when she was 13.

“Being that Ottawa is the capital, it boasts a super-diverse population and culture, very different than what I grew up in as a child,” she reflected. “Politics on a global level happens within 15 minutes of my house, and as kid with interests in politics and foreign affairs, that’s a pretty big deal.

Jordyn Pimm

(Photo courtesy of Lindenwood Athletics)

“Often, we would go down to Parliament Hill and sit in on Question Period, watching Members of Parliament debate and discuss policy. Having the opportunity to see that in action definitely made me realize that I had an interest in what was being discussed and how it would affect others.”

Pimm’s concern for others inspired her to participate in community service. In addition, it swayed her decision to matriculate at Lindenwood University in Missouri where she continues to channel her love for hockey, politics and service.

While attending Stanstead College Prep in Ottawa, visited a home for disabled adults once a week. Between classes and team commitments at Lindenwood, she volunteers with the St. Louis-based Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN).

“The organization aims to provide an opportunity for kids with a variety of disabilities to simply to get active by playing, singing or swimming,” she said. “So far it’s been a really rewarding and fun experience.”

And one whose possibility barely even arose one year-and-a-half ago. While interning with Zimmer and volunteering in her community, Pimm continued playing hockey. As a junior, she rose to Stanstead’s varsity captaincy. But it took a little longer for the interest of U.S. college programs to blossom.

“Lindenwood honestly came as an out-of-the-blue opportunity for me,” she said. “I had graduated from Stanstead without a commitment and decided to take a gap year between high school and college.”

And so she stayed in the capital, playing for the Ottawa Lady Sens of Ontario’s Provincial Women’s Hockey League. Consider it an equivalent of an aspiring men’s collegian buying his time and sustaining his skill set in the USHL.

Jordyn Pimm

(Photo courtesy of Lindenwood Athletics)

She was only three games into the PWHL season, however, when Lindenwood coach Scott Spencer came calling. He wanted to know, Pimm recalled, “if I would be interested in playing for the university during the present season. It was too good of an opportunity to neglect, so I pretty quickly packed up my stuff and left for St. Louis.”

The Lady Sens proudly sent her off on Sept. 25, 2016. Five weeks later, she debuted with the Lions against Syracuse, and has missed only five games since.

Meanwhile, she has done some self-discovery in the classroom. Originally pursuing international relations as her sole major, she realized her craving for studies in business administration while taking a major-related course in global business.

“In hindsight Lindenwood, although it wasn’t a traditional recruitment story, was the best choice for me,” she said. “The school allows me to pursue a double major…without having to compromise any aspects of being a Division I athlete. Not every program allows for that, and I’m extremely grateful that I don’t have to sacrifice either of my passions.”

With these experiences, Pimm developed and branched out strong leadership skills, which assists in her hockey career and in her professional one too. Despite the wealth of opportunities, she maintains an awareness that true leadership also entails a level of humility.

“In hindsight Lindenwood, although it wasn’t a traditional recruitment story, was the best choice for me. The school allows me to pursue a double major…without having to compromise any aspects of being a Division I athlete.” – Jordyn Pimm

“I’m not going to necessarily pursue my career with the idea of being a ‘boss’ in mind,” she said. “Rather, with whatever I end up doing, I just want to be able to say that I left the environment and its goals a little bit better off than before.”

Though still only a sophomore, Pimm has plans for her future but will keep an open mind about future job prospects. She is tentatively eyeing a combination of law studies and an MBA program upon graduation.

“I haven’t quite figured out whether or not I’d like to stay in the States or go back home yet,” she admits. “It would depend on the opportunity. There are some really great cities down south, but home is home, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

What is clear is that Pimm’s passions will persist for a long time. She already has plans for this summer working for a local café and a public outreach firm raising funds for human rights advocacy groups, and can clearly recognize the importance of her joint majors.

“My favorite aspect about international relations is how current and all-encompassing it is,” she said. “The study as whole is constantly evolving as global circumstances evolve, yet at the same time it takes the past into consideration.

“In addition, it is a rather broad study that allows for other supplementary studies. For example, without taking an IR class in global business, I wouldn’t have known that I have an interest in business administration. The two (majors) actually make for a great pairing.”


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