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Thatcher Demko: Professional hockey goalie, Netflix connoisseur

Thatcher Demko: Professional hockey goalie, Netflix connoisseur
Thatcher Demko will usually take to sitcom reruns on Netflix to loosen up on game day. (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images)

Thatcher Demko, rookie goalie for the Utica Comets and former second-round pick of the Vancouver Canucks, is a prolific Twitter user. Scroll through his timeline and you will see numerous hockey-related tweets, including retweets of his team’s or former teammates’ accomplishments, plus mentions of the U.S. national program.

However, one item outside of hockey stands out: Netflix. From asking for show suggestions to discussing a movie or show he enjoys, it is evident that Netflix is one of Demko’s go-to pastimes off the ice.

Demko shared his thoughts on Netflix, TV shows, movies and more with Pucks and Recreation.

Over the summer, you tweeted asking for suggestions for a new show on Netflix and received hundreds of responses. 

Your former college teammate, Miles Wood, suggested The Notebook or Safe Haven. Is there a backstory to those suggestions?

TD: “Miles is a pretty big and tough guy on the ice, but the truth is he’s just a big teddy bear. It’s one of his favorite films.”

You received a few responses for one of my favorite shows, The Office. Have you ever seen that?

TD: “Yeah, I’ve watched The Office all the way through, a few times actually.”

What show did you end up choosing?

TD: “I watched  well, binge-watched  Stranger Things. Phenomenal show. Great acting, great plotline and great directing. Very entertaining.”

What are the top three Netflix series that you’ve watched in the past? Why?

TD: “No. 1 all-time is Friends. Best show. Two is Stranger Things, and three would have to be either Bloodline or Prison Break.”

What is your record for binge-watching?

TD: “I finished the entire second season of Bloodline in one day. I happened to have the flu, so the timing was just right.”

What do you do on road trips: Team movies or Netflix on your own?

TD: “I’m a big music guy, so I’ve got my headphones on most of the time.”

Goalies are known for their routines. Has a certain show or just watching Netflix in general ever been a part of your gameday routine?

TD: “Yeah, actually, I usually watch Friends or The Office after my nap. Those are some feel-good shows that help kill some time on game day.”

Are there any shows you started watching and stopped because you didn’t like them?

TD: “My roommate Jordan Subban  and I really tried to give the show Luke Cage a chance. We watched the first 10 episodes and just couldn’t do it.”

What would you want to improve about Netflix?

TD: “Maybe some better movie selections.”

Looking through your timeline, you’ve made numerous references to Miracle and The Mighty Ducks, two classic hockey movies. What is your favorite hockey movie and why?

TD: “Favorite hockey movie is Miracle. Just a historic moment for USA Hockey. I’m very proud to be American, and that team opened up a lot of doors for American hockey players.”

What is your preferred device to watch on?

TD: “TV.”

If there was a Netflix documentary on Thatcher Demko, who would you want to play you?

TD: “I’m a big fan of Will Ferrell! Would have to give him an audition.”

I also noticed some tweets referencing Trailer Park Boys. Who is your favorite character and why?

TD: “My favorite character is Ricky. He’s a funny guy and some of the things he says really get me laughing.”

At one point in the show, Ricky made a makeshift ice hockey rink in his trailer. What is the most unique place you’ve ever played hockey?

TD: “I played some pond hockey up in the mountains of Alaska. Great experience!”

Have you seen the video of Bubbles on Hockey Night in Canada? If you could talk to Bubbles, what would you want to ask him?

TD: “I think Bubbles is great. I’m a huge fan. I would just love to have a conversation with him and get to know him.”

In the new Netflix Original, Trailer Park Boys Out of The Park: Europe, Ricky has to stop just one out of 10 shots taken by Peter Forsberg to earn money in a challenge. What do you think of his form as a goalie? 

TD: “Ricky can do no wrong! He looked great in there.”

Do you think you could do well with the makeshift gear he wore?

TD: “No way! Takes a special guy like Ricky to be able to rock that stuff.”

You also have Ricky, Julian and Bubbles on your mask. What inspired you to do that?

TD: “Just big fans of the show, and they are a popular group in the hockey community.”

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