Roman mosaic discovered in London on the right bank of The Thames

It was until recently a large car park located on the right bank of the River Thames at the intersection…

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Ocean science and research must advance to save oceans

Because a healthy ocean conditions the planetary balance and, for this reason, the well-being and health of women and men,…

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Weather disasters in Europe kill more than 140,000 in 40 years

Heat waves, landslides, floods… In four decades, these meteorological disasters have caused the death of 142,000 people. Extreme weather events…

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How life might have existed on Mars, harsh volcanic lake holds clues

Researchers have suggested that volcanic lakes could hold clues to how life might have existed on Mars – if it…

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Mammal diversity promoted through protected areas

Researchers have shown through a study involving data from thousands of cameras that protected areas are indeed working when it…

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