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Mama June Gets Married To Justin Stroud In Secret!!

The Time Has Finally Arrived. A courthouse wedding was held in Georgia on March 23 for Honey Boo Boo’s 42-year-old ex-boyfriend, the car mechanic. Their recent appearance in Alabama generated months of speculation about their engagement.

Is It True That Mama June Secretly Married Justin Stroud??

A tattoo that Shannon’s husband-to-be got in October 2021 was Shannon’s first public reference to him on social media. Instead of mentioning Stroud, she complimented the tattoo artist for giving her a fresh appearance with his ink.

Mama June Gets Married To Justin Stroud In Secret

After years of ups and downs, Stroud has been a stabilizing force in her life, a previous TLC representative told us earlier this month. So the man I’ve been with for a minute is only starting to put the damaged parts back together, she stated.

It was also revealed that Shannon hasn’t been this contented since she left her previous job. For the last forty-two years, she has finally figured out who June Shannon is, she told Us. She couldn’t have known who she was. Like many of us, she was simply going about her daily routine and taking care of whatever came her way.

Previously, she had a brief romance with Geno Doak, whom she rekindled in the following year after a brief courtship in 2015. Attraction to Shannon’s ex-boyfriend 45 grew during season one of Mama June: From Not to Hot which premiered in February 2017.

The last time we checked, the engaged pair was getting ready to tie the knot! “Geno makes me think about things I’ve never considered before,” the reality star said in June 2018. They were caught and later charged with prison drug possession the next year, however, But in August 2021, Shannon showed that they’d hurt up. Shannon and his friend both went to treatment together in 2020.

In an Instagram Live at the time, WE television star Geno said that he had been granted an Instagram account so that people could see where he was. To each his own, if he feels the need to take stock of where he is at, of course. Before their arrest, they estimated that they would spend $1.5 million on narcotics.

Because you didn’t identify it, in March 2021, she informed us that she understands that the sector may be surprised. She began her career in journalism. She’d had enough of the monotony of the daily grind. She started doing things like that, like a season and other things of the sort.

Her daughters, who were born after she was sober, are also back on the dating scene with her now that she’s clean. Michael Anthony Ford is the ex-boyfriend of Alana Thompson, Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon (22), and Jessica (25), while David Dunn (27), is the ex-boyfriend of Anna Thompson (27).

There are no guarantees, Mama June told Us in advance, and her daughters know she’s been clean for nearly three years. Whatever the case may be, she manages to bring them there. Her initial anger has subsided now that she has recovered, and she can see why they acted the way they did.

Their paths crossed and they struck up a conversation. The moment they decide they want me, they realize this. The Sun was the first to break the news of Mama June’s engagement to Stroud in the community.

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