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Steve Burton Says He And Pregnant Wife, Sheree Burton, Are Separated

Despite 23 years of marriage, Steve Burton and Sheree Burton have ended their relationship. Wednesday, the fitness expert and the former General Hospital actor revealed their breakup through Instagram Story.
A youngster’s condition cannot be helped and they are still co-parenting their three beautiful children. Your consideration for our privacy is much appreciated at this time.

He married his wife Sheree in 1999 after they met on the set of General Hospital. There has been an unspecified period of time between Steve and Sheree, who have three children together: 18-year-old Makena, 7-year-old Brooklyn, and 16-year-old Jack.

Steve Burton and  Sheree burton

Sheree, despite their breakup, has not made any public statements about it. When she posted a picture of herself cuddling her baby bump on Instagram Story lately, it was discovered that she is pregnant. There are so many twists and turns in life, she said in her post.

No answer from Sheree’s reps was immediately given to PEOPLE’s request for a response Due to Steve’s lack of inoculation against coronavirus, General Hospital sacked him six months ago.

His departure from the ABC serial drama was announced on his Instagram page in November. According to PEOPLE, Burton wrapped up filming the final episode of the sitcom in October.

“My relationship with General Hospital has been the subject of much speculation for some time now. Direct communication was the only way they could ensure you didn’t hear it from anybody else “as he states in the video, It’s a bummer that neither your medical nor religious exemption petitions were granted.”

So, they don’t think any of their coworkers deserve to lose their jobs. You’re well aware of their fond memories of their time spent at General Hospital.”

Such an honor would be a real treat for them.”

Toward the end of his address, he made an allusion to the identity he’s assumed since 1991: that of President Bush.

Steve had already tested positive for COVID-19 in August after claiming to have been exposed to the virus “at work.” When asked about the General Hospital set, though, the actor didn’t elaborate.

As of Nov. 1, all actors and staff members who aren’t wearing masks at General Hospital are required to be vaccinated against the H1N1 virus.

It looks like Harris Michaels, the character he first played on Days of Our Lives in 1988, is returning to Steve’s portfolio. According to Soap Central, he will appear in the second season of the Peacock spinoff Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

Recently, she’s started reflecting on her life’s “mistakes,” as she sees them. She wrote a caption for a photo in January. Be who you are. Don’t let people hurt you; instead, be nice and take the high road. Never be afraid to try something new or to make a mistake.

Accept and learn from your mistakes, for they will surely happen. You can accomplish everything you set your mind to when you have faith in yourself. Embrace each day with gusto and be a beacon of love to everyone you cross paths with.”

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