Coco Austin’s 6-Year-Old Daughter, Chanel Was Dragged For pushing Her In Stroller

Despite the fact that Chanel Austin is only six years old, she is constantly being chastised by her mother Coco Austin for using a stroller to travel. A huge outcry against the blonde beauty after she posted a picture of her family in the stroller, including her husband Ice and daughter T Chanel, has emerged. Since the photo was uploaded, the reaction has been rising.

Who Is Coco Austin? Why Did Chanel Got Dragged By Her Mother’s Action

On Sunday, Austin, a 43-year-old Instagram user, wrote the caption and posted it. Affirming her daughter’s look, her mother made a face and said, “Chanel is done with it, except for one thing.” The expression on “her face changes” in a split second.

Their comments were, “She appears to have outgrown her stroller,” “Isn’t she like six years old?!,” and “Isn’t she a baby?” Isn’t it time for her to get rid of the stroller?

Coco Austin's 6-Year-Old Daughter, Chanel Was Dragged For pushing Her In Stroller

Your 6-year-old is more vulnerable to bullying than your younger child because she hasn’t spent as much time in a stroller as she does.

However, despite their apparent desire to stop their “kid” from utilizing her feet, Ice-T and Coco Austin seem unconcerned about making sure the nails on their infant are level. When Chanel was just five years old, her parents gave their blessing for her to have French-tipped false nails applied. As was to be expected, people began to voice their opinions almost immediately.

Almost a thousand “likes” were given to a single reader’s comment that nails were improper for their age. As far as influencing the development of a young lady, “come on. A second customer described the experience as “extremely weird.”

Is Coco Austin Still Together With Ice-T

Critics have taken to calling Austin’s baby a “boob fanatic” since she breastfeeds him. It wasn’t until 2019 that Ice-T and Austin officially admitted that their daughter Chanel was drinking, the same year that they also revealed their plans to have sex with her. It happened after years of defending their daughter’s contentious parenting decisions.

Public outrage ensued after Whitney Houston posted a picture of her newborn baby with a frowning expression while she was in her stroller. After seeing a photo from Austin’s Instagram account that was posted on Sunday, he decided to caption it.

Smoldering blonde bombshell Whitney Houston has come under fire for an Instagram post that shows her daughter Chanel being pushed about in a baby carriage by her mother. When she said, “Chanel is absolutely over everything unless anything is fantastic to watch,” she was referring to her kid.

When she saw her daughter’s expressionless face, she knew she had finally had enough. She has the uncanny ability to transform her facial expressions in the blink of an eye. She seemed to be over being in a baby carriage, according to one of the commentators. Somebody else chimed up with, “Isn’t she just six?”

Isn’t it time for her to have gotten out of the stroller by now? Despite the fact that she may be your last kid, you are still obligated to give her the space she needs to grow into an independent adult.


The opinion of a third person was that she would be better off riding in a wagon. Austin and Ice-T will do anything for their “baby” when it comes to getting her nails done to their satisfaction.

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