How Many Surgeries Did Rodrigo Alves do? Rodrigo Alves Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

For years, people in the UK have known that Rodrigo Alves, a Brazilian-born British citizen, had undergone numerous plastic surgery treatments. With over 200 plastic surgery procedures under his belt, he’s been dubbed “the human Ken doll.” To raise awareness about gender identity difficulties, he underwent a process in which he was transformed into a woman.

Rodrigo Alves has felt self-conscious about his appearance since he was a child. He was teased as a kid and hated his appearance. They found him unappealing because of his height and weight, as well as the color of his hair and complexion.

Who Is Rodrigo Alves? Know More Facts!

Model Rodrigo Alves, who was born in Brazil and now lives in London, has undergone a plethora of cosmetic procedures over the years. When Rodrigo was younger, he was referred to as “the human Ken doll” because of his masculine appearance. A native of Brazil, Rodrigo currently resides in London. This guy is famous all around the world for his looks.

How Many Surgeries Did Rodrigo Alves do  Rodrigo Alves Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

Rodrigo Alves has had liposuction, cheek implants, a nose job, a brow lift, chin reduction surgery, hair transplants, semi-permanent makeup on the eyebrows and lips, fillers in cheeks and lips, veneers on teeth (to make them whiter), laser whitening treatment for acne scars caused by acne treatments during adolescence, and laser whitening treatment for acne scars caused by acne treatments during adolescence.

Rodrigo Alves Suffers From Medical Issue

Rodrigo Alves claims to be on anti-androgen medicine due to a medical problem.

Facial hair is frequent among Polynesian guys, according to Alves, because his condition leads his body to create too much testosterone. Spironolactone and Cyproterone acetate (CPA), both of which are routinely used in the treatment of prostate cancer, could also be utilized to treat the condition, he said.

Journey Of Change

With his wife, Chrisichloe, he appeared on the This Morning show in 2019 to discuss their lives and their gender transitions.

British citizen Rodrigo Alves, born in Brazil, is well-known for his extensive use of plastic surgery. Celebrity Big Brother and My Transsexual Summer are just two of the shows he has appeared in (2010).

At the tender age of six, Rodrigo Alves was dissatisfied with his looks. To make this transition complete, she underwent hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as well as plastic surgery to alter her facial appearance.

His breast augmentation surgery the following year was not enough for him, so he underwent a number of additional cosmetic procedures, including liposuction on his arms, buttock augmentation, rhinoplasty, tracheal shave, two-day facial feminization surgery (FFS), permanent brow lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty/epicanthoplasty), third orbital rim reduction surgery, and a permanent brow lift. He also underwent – lessening of under-eye bags and circles


Plastic surgery patient Rodrigo Alves is on a quest to make a difference in the world. He believes that altering his physical appearance in this way will help him achieve more success in his career and in his life. His life and the lives of those around him have been altered as a result of these transformations.


This person’s life has been transformed significantly by plastic surgery, yet being an entertainer after plastic surgery is not an easy task. Rodrigo, on the other hand, is able to get along with others despite the fact that they tease him about his new appearance.

Even though he is aware that most people don’t understand why he has through so many treatments in order to achieve this look, he prefers to be assessed on what he does rather than how he looks.

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