What Is The Pentaverate About? Where We Can Watch It? Review, Trailer

There has been a secret society of five men who have influenced world events since the Black Plague in 1347 for the greater good. To find out what they’re really up to, Canadian journalist Ken Scarborough (Mike Myers) sets out on a quest. Meanwhile, a threat to civilization is looming that could have global consequences.

How far will Ken Scarborough go in order to save all of humanity? He’s back! Myers, who played eight characters in The Pentaverate, is returning to the big screen.

The Failure Of Mike Myer To Modernize

The fall from grace of Mike Myers has been well-documented in recent years. For a time, the Canadian comic seemed unbeatable. One of the most profitable comedy series ever made was Austin Powers, and Wayne’s world became a cult classic. However, Myers and his brand of hilarity were left in the dust as the world moved forward. It was heartbreaking to see the comedian’s desperate attempts to keep his fanbase happy despite their mocking him.

What Is The Pentaverate About Where We Can Watch It Review, Trailer

A turning point was reached when The Love Guru, a film that was so dated and idiotic at the time, was released and turned the public against the comedian. For a long time, Myers stayed away from Hollywood and was not seen in any films.

He has appeared in movies that aren’t comedies on occasion. In a new comedy miniseries about conspiracy theories and Canadian pride, Myers is back. However, despite the passage of time, Myers’ brand of hilarity remains firmly rooted in the ’90s.

Where To Watch The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate, a Netflix comedy miniseries, was written and created by Mike Myers. Co-stars Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar, and Lydia West also appear in the series. With his inability to provide the information that today’s audiences want to see, veteran Canadian news reporter Ken Scarborough is forced to retire from the sitcom.

A final opportunity is given to him by the network to uncover the secret society known as the Pentaverate that has been quietly enslaving the world. Fleas were found on unburied bodies during the Black Plague and the Pentaverate was founded by a group of five wise men. As a result of the church’s decision to label them heretics, they formed a clandestine organization devoted to improving the world.

The show’s premise isn’t anything new. Shows about secret societies are already available on Netflix, both in a serious and lighthearted manner. Therefore, The Pentaverate doesn’t feel unique or noteworthy when first seeing it. When it becomes clear that The Pentaverate is stuck in the past, things get even worse. Potty jokes litter the show due to Myers’ inability to change his style, which results in low production values.


The miniseries consists of six 30-minute episodes. The three hours of content aren’t particularly long, but that doesn’t change the fact that it feels like it. Myers, of course, is the central issue.

It’s no longer just funny to see this type of comedy. Puns and toilet humor will only get you so far in this game of life and death.

The show’s content, as well as the show’s aesthetics and tone, appear to be from a different time period.


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