Stephanie Beatriz Is Confirmed To Join In Twisted Metal TV Series At Peacock!!

 The news is confirmed that Stephanie Beatriz has joined the Peacock’s Twisted Metal Series. The Twisted Metal series is a live video action game adaptation with Anthony Mackie as the star cast. Recently she has also shared a post regarding this on Instagram. 

Stephanie Beatriz To Be In The Cast Of Twisted Metal TV Series

Kitao Sakurai who is well known for the Eric Andre Show, Aardvark, and Coda will be directing some of the episodes of the Twisted Metals named Reese, Wernick, Will Arnet, and Marc Forman via their production company Electric Avenue. The series is being produced by none other than Sony Pictures television, Play station television, and also Universal Television which is also known as one of the Division of the Universal Studio camp. 

Stephanie Beatriz Is Confirmed To Join In Twisted Metal TV Series At Peacock!!

Stephanie Beatriz is cast as Quiet who is said to be a ferocious and a badass car thief who at any cost acts purely on instinct. Anthony Mackie who is one of the stars cast in the TV series was cast the previous year as John Doe which was the lead character. Now Stephanie Beatriz has joined him for the further series. Mackie will now be portraying the role of John Doe who is a milkman. Doe has no memory of his past and he will be asked to deliver mysterious packages to different locations on the apocalyptical land in the upcoming series.

What Is The Series About?

The series is based on the story of a motor-mouthed outsider who is offered a better life but only if he delivers some mysterious packages at different locations all over an apocalyptical wasteland. He will be a lot of savage marauders who will be driving vehicles of destruction and other dangers on the road. There is even a clown in the series who drives an Ice cream vehicle.

Twisted Metals is one of the video game adaptions which is currently working for the streaming platforms. The New footage which was leaked from the HBO’s adaption named the Last one of us which is expected to be released in the year 2023 is sure to be following the story of the action game. Unfortunately till now the date of release is not confirmed by the makers. 


Beatriz is well known for playing the role of Rosa Diaz in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine which was an American Action Comedy series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur. The final episode of the series was aired last year. She also provided her voice to Mirabel Madrigal in the famous Disney Encanto Series in the Heights.

Stephanie Beatriz recently also voiced KateKane/ Batwoman in the American Comic Based movie Catwoman: Hunted which was directed by Shinsuke Terasawa. Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick developed the show’s initial premise while Michael Jonathan will be acting as the showrunner.


It is reported that the Peacock hasn’t yet started the production for the series and it is yet to announce the date for the same. As soon as any information comes out regarding the release date this page will be the first to bring it to your notice. Till then stay tuned with us.

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