Alexander Skarsgård And Dane DeHaan To Star In The Tiger

Alexander Skarsgård, Dane DeHaan, Darren Aronofsky, and Ukrainian writer-director Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi are collaborating on “The Tiger,” a film adaptation of John Vaillant’s best-selling novel. Skarsgård’s character in “The Tiger” will be far less willing to chase a tiger that murdered a poacher in self-defense than his character in “The Northman,” who is anxious to revenge on his father, save his mother, and kill his uncle Fjölnir.

Alexander Skarsgård, Dane DeHaan, And Darren Aronofsky Are Collaborating On “The Tiger”

Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skasgård is a 45 years old Swedish actor born and raised in Stockholm. Alexander began acting at a very young age and quit in between, later, he joined the army where he completely lost touch with acting. After serving in the military, he decided to return to acting and got his first film.

Alexander has not only acted in movies but also in television series which are among the most-watched. Alexander owes his success to his talent and his charm. He was the ambassador for the Walking With The Wounded fundraising event, a pure-hearted soul who keeps a soft corner towards people in the army.

Alexander Skarsgård And Dane DeHaan To Star In The Tiger

Talking about Dane DeHaan, he is a 36 years old American actor born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has played as a lead actor in many blockbuster movies which have gained him immense fame. DeHaan graduated in 2008 from UNCSA and began acting in the same year.

DeHaan has received Hamptons International Film Festival and Obie awards in the years 2013 and 2010, respectively. DeHaan is presently starring alongside Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Juliette Binoche, and Sophie Turner in Antonio Campos’ HBO Max thriller The Staircase. He may also be seen in Amazon Studio’s worldwide drug drama Zero Zero Zero, directed by Stefano Sollima; and in Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story, directed by Pablo Larran for Apple TV+.

What We Can Expect In “The Tiger”

According to the subtitle, “The Tiger” is based on “a genuine narrative of vengeance and survival.” Skarsgård will play “the head of a gang of guys tasked with protecting the endangered cats from poachers and loggers,”.

Vanzin is the name of Alexander’s character, and “his sense of duty is tested when he’s charged with hunting down and exterminating a tiger,” which is a tiger that eats humans in the book. “Kanchuga, a young environmental scientist and the newest member of [Vanzin’s] team,” is the role of  DeHaan.


DeHaan and Alexander share their excitement onscreen saying they are looking forward to playing their respective characters and can’t wait to deliver it to their fans. The producer, Aronofsky says he cannot wait to bring the project out to the world. The film will be nothing but a success involving Alexander and DeHaan, who play crucial roles.


Fans can’t wait for “THE tiger” to be available to them starring these two. The actors, who will play the lead role admire the team completely and are beyond honored to be among the amazing and the most talented individuals. “The Tiger” will be made available to its fans as soon as the shooting gets over.

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