Adam Sandler Returns With Netflix’s ‘Hustle’!! Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Crew

The Famous American Actor, Comedian, and filmmaker have returned to drama with his new movie which revolves around Sports. Basketball lovers are surely going to love this movie because of its story which is based on a basketball player. Recently the trailer for this upcoming movie was launched and it has received good reviews from the audience. 

Netflix Recently Released The Trailer Of “Hustle”

Recently the trailer of this upcoming Netflix sports drama was released and it is being received by the audiences and especially the Fans of Adam Sandler with full enthusiasm. In the trailer, we can see that Adam is not on an easy path. He turned his back to scouting and his whole and sole attention now is to build his career of Bo. In the trailer, we can see him helping Bo get rid of his homesickness and the feeling of self-doubt.

Adam Sandler Returns With Netflix’s ‘Hustle’!! Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Crew

Both the main characters Adam and Bo are under a lot of family pressure but still, they are trying their best to work on their dreams and make them true.  The trailer of Hustle shows a glimpse of his wife who is being played by Queen Latifah and the role of his boss is being played by Ben Foster who has previously acted in great films like X- Men, Punisher, and many more.

Stanley who is being played by Adam Sandler is a character who is somewhere missing out on his own family in this chaos of chasing the dreams or duty. 

Direction And Cast

A great movie needs great Direction too. This Sports Drama movie is directed by Jeremiah Zargar Sagar. The legendary Football player LeBron James is behind the production of this movie. This movie will be released on 8 June this year on Netflix. Adam Sandler is marking his 9th Netflix movie of which the cast is surely going to amaze you.

Real-life NBA Basketball player Juancho Hernaengomez is the one who is playing the role of Bo Cruz in this movie while Adam Sandler will be playing the role of his coach who is going to help him come out of the feeling of self-doubt and excel in the sports.

Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster, Jordan Hull, Ainhoa Pillet, Maria Botto, and former NBA player Kenny Smith will be seen onscreen in the upcoming Hustle. This amazing cast of the movie has already made the movie a worth watch film. 

What Can We Expect In This Movie?

Since this movie is based on a life of a sports player and his coach we can expect to see their struggle journey throughout the movie. There is little room for romance in this movie where we can see Stanley and his wife having a small romantic time together.


Stanley is missing out on his family in the chaos but still, we will be seeing his wife extend him full support in his hustle. Both Stanley and his student Bo want to prove at any cost that they want to win.

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