“Totally Killer” Is All Set To Time Travel To The Year 1987!! Release Date, Plot, Cast

This film is a comedy movie where the Sci-fi part of Time travel is showcased. This movie sounds somewhat similar to the movie The Final Girls, wherein it will be shown the transporting of characters in the 80s era and putting them in a classic slasher setup. 

Totally Killer: When Will Be The Release Date And The Cast

The film is directed by the well-known American Television Writer and producer Nahnatchka Khan who has previously directed movies like don’t trust the B…. In apartment 23. On the other hand, Jen De’ Angelo has written the comedy script for this movie. It is reported that the original script of the film was given by David Matalon and Sasha Perl Raver.

“Totally Killer” Is All Set To Time Travel To The Year 1987!! Release Date, Plot, Cast

The movie Totally Killer is being produced under the banner of Blumhouse by Jason Blum, Adam Hendricks, and Greg Gilreath. While talking to the reporters the director of this film Nahnatchka Khan said that the idea of horror comedy time traveling is something that she never thought of in her life. She further said that when she was approached with the story of the Today Killer she was so impressed by the story and on top of that the cast of the story was too quite amazing. The story was unique and exciting she further added. 

Plot And The Expected Story

This film is said to be the continuation of the deal forged by Blumhouse Television and Amazon Prime Video. The horror, comedy-drama will show how a young rebellious girl travels to the year 1987 to stop the would-be killer of her mother and while doing this she accidentally gets stuck in the same year 1987. So we can surely expect a lot of twists and turns and it will be really exciting to see whether the young rebel girl would be able to return to her time back or not.

We can also expect a lot of comedy and horror scenes in this movie which are surely going to glue you to your seat and will make u feel afraid as well as a laugh to your fullest. The movie is currently active in the development section where the makers of the film are still making the movie. The release date or the cast of the movie is yet not revealed. Stay tuned with us to get further updates regarding the movie’s release date and much more. 

The Comedy Cast.

The cast is one of the factors which impressed Nahnatchka Khan when the story was brought to her. The cast for the film includes Lochlyn Munro as Adult Blake and Charlie Gillespie as Teen Blake. Stephi Chin-Salvo will be playing the role of Marisa Song and Anna Diaz will be seen as Heather Hernandez.


On the other hand, Jeremy Monn-Djasgnar will be seen as Teen Randy Finkle and Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson will be portraying the role of Teen Lauren. Ella Choi will be seen as Teen Kara Molnar and Kelcey Mawema will be seen as Amelia in the film. Liana Liberato will be seen as Tiffany Clark and Jonathan Potts will be seen as Adult Chris Dubusage.

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