Who Is D.J. Law? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Dating, And Much More!

D.J. Law is a fictional character. Wiki, Girlfriend, Dating, Age, Height, Net Worth
Darius Law, often known as D.J. Law, is a teen American football player who rose to prominence following his appearance in the Netflix documentary “Last Chance U” in 2016. He’s a well-liked teen football player.

D.J. Law Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, And More

Law began playing football when he was in high school. Due to a knee injury, he was unable to participate in the official 2014 spring games. D.J.Law is a 27-year-old American football player who was born and raised in Haines City, Florida. To learn more about D.J.Law, keep reading. D. J. Law was born on November 24th, 1994, and is most known for his role in the Netflix documentary “Last Chance U” as an adolescent football player.

D.J. Law Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, And More

Quick facts about D. J. Law:

Here are three quick facts about law that you might find interesting:

D. J. Law is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Fact2: Law is quite active on social media, with a large following on Twitter and Instagram.

Fact3: As an athlete, he is known for maintaining a healthy weight of around 192 pounds.

How much does D. J. Law earn:

The only thing we know about Law is that he is a football player, and we don’t know anything about his money. According to a few reports, Law’s earnings as a professional football player in 2020 are expected to reach $1.5 million. However, no further information on his earnings as of 2022 is available.

D.J. Law’s age and early life explored:

D.J. Law is a 27-year-old well-educated man who attended and played football for Haines High School in Haines City. In 2014, he transferred to East Mississippi Community College and is still playing football there. Due to a knee injury, he was unable to compete in the 2014 spring games and instead focused on his education.

D. J. Law’s net worth and career:

Law’s current net worth is unknown, however, he was predicted to be worth $1.5 million in 2020. There is relatively little information on Dacorius’ professional life and career. Law has made advances into the entertainment industry in addition to sports. In 2016, he became well-known after appearing in the Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U.” This show was popular among athletes because it featured football players from his university. The show depicted the characters’ trials and sufferings, as well as their backstories.

D.J. Law’s girlfriend and children:

Law is now single, according to public data. There is no information about his personal life available, however he has shared some words about his son on Instagram. He refers to the youngster as “his little man.” His son’s mother, however, has yet to be discovered.

Interesting facts about D. J. Law:

Here’s something noteworthy about D. J. Law:

@mr.showtimelaw and @Showtime119 are two of Law’s unique social media handles.


Although there isn’t a lot of information about D. J. Law, we’ve included everything we know about him, and we hope you found everything you were searching for. As soon as new information on D. J. Law becomes available, we will update the article.

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