Face ID brings support for unlock without removing the mask

The latest version of iOS 15 will boost the capabilities of facial recognition software, to the delight of customers, reports BFMTV.

For two years, iPhone owners have been quickly unmasked. Their distinctive sign: stealthily removing their protective mask against Covid-19 to unlock their device, which uses Face ID facial recognition technology. Fortunately, the latest version of iOS 15 will plunge these millions of users back into anonymity and allow them in passing to respect barrier gestures.

The apple firm indeed presented, Thursday January 27, 2022, the beta version of its new operating system, which should be accessible on the iPhone 12 and more recent between March and April. Among the notable advances brought by iOS 15.4: the redesign of Face ID, which will be able to recognize the user, even if a mask covers part of his face. “To use Face ID when you wear a mask, the iPhone identifies the unique features around your eyes to authenticate you”, indicates the interphase in its beta version aimed at developers of all stripes, as reported by our colleagues from BFMTV.

Since the start of the pandemic, Apple has refused to adapt Face ID to wearing a mask, citing security reasons. iPhone owners therefore had to remove their mask or dial a security code to unlock their device. Pressured by the scolding of its customers, the American giant has obviously found the parade.

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