Did Faith Hill Actually Slapped Tim McGraw While Filming 1883 Season 1?

Faith Hill undoubtedly slapped her real-life husband, country superstar Tim McGraw, during an emotional scene while filming an episode of 1883 season 1.

McGraw Recalled An Emotional Tonight Show Moment When Hill Slapped.

In the middle of an emotional sequence, while filming an episode of 1883 season 1, Faith Hill slapped country superstar Tim McGraw. The series functioned as a prelude to Yellowstone, detailing the backstory of how the Dutton family initially landed on the land that would eventually become the highly sought-after Yellowstone ranch.

Faith Hill Actually Slapped Tim McGraw While Filming 1883 Season 1

It was created by Sicario creator Taylor Sheridan. 1883 was originally planned to end after the first season, but Sheridan saw an opportunity to expand the brand by adding a second season focusing on Bass Reeves, the legendary outlaw hunter.

James and Margaret Dutton were represented by McGraw and Hill, real-life husband and wife country music singers, in the Western series as they led their circle of family and a battalion of countless immigrants to a better life in Oregon. In other instances, the expedition tested Dutton’s solution, resulting in a number of heated debates. One important scene, however, required Hill and her husband to get physically together.

The actor told Fallon that he knew how their presence on his own may break the immersion merely by being forged within the show. McGraw stated that he and his wife had to give it their all. Following a particular form of acting, the actor confesses to getting slapped several times in order to acquire the shot he desired for a key scene. Read about McGraw and Fallon’s changes on the late-night talk show below.
The scenario in question occurred in episode 9, “Racing Clouds,” when James informed his wife Margaret that their daughter Elsa (Isabel May) would succumb to her injuries in a conflict and die in a few days. Elsa’s demise is suggested from the very first scene of the series, and the war of words between James and Elsa is the result of their anxiousness as they embark on their journey.

Despite the fact that McGraw claims he has been subjected to harsh blows from his wife, the singer-actor looked back fondly at one point and praised his wife’s skills, saying, “She showed up every day and just wowed me. She raised the stakes for me. Every single day.”

McGraw and Hill received a lot of appreciation for their portrayals of the Dutton forefathers in the prequel series. However, it is unclear whether or not the couple will repeat their roles for a second season because 1883 season 2 would focus on an entirely different character, Bass Reeves. Regardless, the country duo has wowed audiences with their concerts, and many experts believe they should be considered for Emmy Awards.

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