Natalia Dyer And Boyfriend Charlie Heaton Hold Hands On The Red Carpet For “Stranger Things 4”

The Fan loved couple Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton lit the red carpet in Spain and posed sweetly for the photos.

Recently Natalia Dyer and her Boyfriend Charlie Heaton were spotted on the red carpet at a film function of “Stranger things 4” in Spain where they posed very sweetly for the cameras. Fans have poured their love in the forms of like and comment all over the social media as soon as the pics of the couple posing for the camera came out. 

Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton On The Red Carpet Of Stranger Things 4

The fashionable duo has a huge fan following and their fans love to see them together always. Natalia was wearing a beautiful gown with blue sequin puff sleeves and some black lace details on top of the dress. The actress wore a long deep sky-blue skirt and also black open-toe heels.

Natalia Dyer And Boyfriend Charlie Heaton Hold Hands On The Red Carpet For Stranger Things 4

On the other hand, her boyfriend wore a navy blue blazer with a pinstriped shirt, grey slacks, and loafers. The couple reportedly complimented each other for their dress sense and looks. The couple became even more fashion-conscious since they started dating each other back in the year 2016.

The romantic couple is acting in the same Netflix Science fiction series Stranger things where Charlie Heaton plays the role of Jonathan Byers and Natalia Dyer plays the role of Nancy Wheeler.

The Couple’s Romantic Relationship

Natalia told the media that it is very hard to describe the special bond between them. They are very excited because they haven’t done anything like this before. This was a really specific experience for both of them.

She further said that her bond with Charlie, be it off-screen or on-screen is very special. More than a bond it is an understanding which is hard to replicate. Her bond with Charlie is just an indescribable thing for her, she concluded.

Natalia Dyer is a well-known American actress who gained a lot of fame from her role in the Science Fiction series stranger things in 2016. She was born back in 1995 in Nashville, Tennessee. She completed her Graduation in performing arts from the Nashville school of arts before getting into the acting industry.

Her very first role was Clarissa Granger in the famous TV Drama series Hana Montana: The movie which was released in the year 2009. She was also seen in Netflix’s 2019 Horror film Velvet Buzzsaw.


On the other hand, Charlie Heaton is a well-known English Actor and a musician who too gained a lot of love from the Stranger things. He plays the role of Jonathan Byers in the Series.  Born in the year 1994 he is in the industry since 2014. He started his acting career with a short film named Life need Courage.

His debut was with the ITV Crime Drama series named DCI Banks where he played the role of Clary McCready.  In 2017 he also appeared as a starring character in the New Mutants which was an American Superhero horror film based on a Marvel Comic.

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