North Gujarat family dies at US Canadian border

Four people who died in a temperature of -35 degrees while trying to enter the US from the Canadian border have been shocked by the discussion that they belong to the Patel family of Kalol taluka of North Gujarat. Notably, Patel families from North Gujarat and Charotar spend millions of rupees to travel to the US illegally. In the past, many people have been caught by Indian or American authorities going to the United States illegally.

According to the information received from the sources, based on the information received by the crime branch about the deceased, they have arrested a suspicious agent of Kalol and their interrogation is going on. Officials have been careful not to reveal the identity as there has been no official confirmation yet. . The External Affairs Minister tweeted that four Indians had died of cold on the Canada-US border.

According to the information received, the four members who died in the freezing cold on the Canadian board while entering the United States were from Dingucha village. So the whole day there was a discussion that the crime branch had gone to investigate him. However, JCP Premveer Singh of the Crime Branch told the media that at our level, there has been no investigation into the four deaths in Canada. The team actually went to Dingucha to check the message in Turkey, but the couple’s signature was found to be safe.

According to a senior official who has been investigating agents who have been deceiving people to go to America for years, the craze of Gujaratis to go to America is known all over the world. Families from North Gujarat and Charotar are ready to take any risk or go to America in any situation.

According to the official, most of the agents are from Mehsana, Kalol. Active in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar as well as Charotar cities and Surat. These agents are trying to smuggle people into the US board via Black Europe or Canada. They send people to Europe with European visas, travel on a flight from Europe to India via Mexico, and as soon as they land in Mexico, they leave Mexico Airport.

They are then transported to the US border with the help of Mexican mafias. The agent’s work is completed as soon as he reaches the border. The price of the agent who takes the responsibility to cross the border and enter the United States also doubles. Training on how to proceed and how to behave as soon as you enter the US border is given from Ahmedabad.

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