Brian Laundries’ Cause Of Death Revealed!! The Autopsy Report Shocked Everyone!!

Brian Laundry was a craftsman and one of the well-known content creators on social media. He gathered a lot of headlines after the death of his partner Gabby Petito. She was reported missing on August 25 2021 and she was later found dead.

Brian Laundries’ Cause Of Death Revealed!!

Brian Laundry was the fiancé of Gabby Petito whom he proposed in the year 2020. Brian Laundry was more in the news headlines after his fiancé went missing and the search for her began. The sudden disappearance of his fiancé became a matter which spread like a wildfire throughout social media. The Police have confirmed that only the skeleton of Brian Laundrie has remained. It is reported that the animals ate his dead body partially leaving behind the skeletons. 

Brian Laundries’ Cause Of Death Revealed!! The Autopsy Report Shocked Everyone!!

Brian Laundry skeletons were reportedly found in a very thick wooded area in the Carlton Reserves. Carlton reserves have a huge number of Carnivores and Omnivores animals. Police officers are saying that these carnivores’ animals have eaten away the flesh from the body of Brian Laundrie and now it is only his skeleton that has remained back. The family of Brian Laundrie was informed that he shot himself and his death was as a result ruled a suicide. 

 The police have made a 47-page report of the things found with the skeleton of Brian Laundrie after a long manhunt mission. Sources confirm that along with the skeleton a bag that has a tent and a fire flare has been found. Apart from this a piece of paper and red color has also been found at the place where the remains of Bria were discovered.

The most shocking thing found with his body in a box in which there are some photos and a notebook. In the notebook, Brian has admitted that he is responsible for the death of her fiancé Gabby Petito. 

Relationship With Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito was the fiancé of Brian Laundrie who moved from Florida to the NewYork city last year in the month of June. They both were reportedly in Love with each other and it was in public that Brian proposed to her back in 2020 to which she replied “Yes”. Friends of the dead say that they had plans for marriage but things turned so quickly.  Gabby and Brian went on an excursion from where it is reported that Brian returned alone.


The alone arrival of Brian without Gabby put the parents of Gabby in big stress for their daughter and they filed a missing report on Sept 11, 2021. In his diary, Laundrie confessed that he killed his fiancé Gabby by shooting her in the head. Since the day gabby went missing her mother doubted Brian and she openly said that Brian looks like a suspect in this case.

She even texted Laundrie many times but didn’t get a single reply from him even once. The case of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito is one of the most high-profile cases. It is difficult to understand what the reason that Brian killed Gabby was.

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