What Was The Cause Of Howie Pyro’s Death? Legend Leave The World At The Age Of 61

The Famous DJ and the host of Intoxica Radio with Howie Pyro, Howie Pyro died at the age of 61 in Los Angeles, California on 4th May 2022. He was suffering from Covid-19 Related Pneumonia disease. He was also suffering from some problems in his liver. He underwent a liver transplant last year and he was recovering from it last year until his death on 4 May 2022. 

Legend Died At The Age Of 61

Jesse Malin of D Generation himself confirmed his death on a Facebook post. The Caption read “This is the hardest post I have ever had to write. Howie Pyro, my best friend, and brother has passed away. He fought real hard right till the end.

He changed my life and so many others in ways I can’t even begin to say. We made our world together. From Whitestone, Queens to Madison Square Garden and every crazy, dirty little place in between. I learned so much from him. He made this planet a much better, cooler, weirder, and more beautiful place.”

What was the cause of Howie Pyro's death Legend  Leave The World At The Age Of 61

Howie Pyros‘ death is being mourned throughout the world by his friends, relatives, and other fans who admired him and loved him a lot. 

The Legendary Life Of The Legend

Howie Pyro was born in New York City of United States on 28 June 1960. His birth name was Howard Kusten and he changed his name to Howie Pyro at the age of 15. He started a punk band named “The blessed”

His DJ career was boosted by 2000. Before this, he use to record albums in New York and his albums were quite a hit during those times. Malin Jesse once said to the reporters that “For decades he impacted so many different kinds of people and so many different scenes all over with his style, his taste, his music, his knowledge, his Art, his fashion, his attitude, his humor, his records, his movies, his bravery, his swagger, his smile, his heart, and his compassion.”

BORN28 JUNE 1960
DIEDMAY 4 2022

Howie Pyro was also one of the friends of Sid Vicious who is known for the famous English Punk Rock band names Sex Pistols which was formed in London in the year 1975. It is said that Howie Pyro was with Sid Vicious the night when he died because of a heroin overdose. 

What Was The Reason For His Death

At the start of 2021, it was announced that Howie Pyro is fighting for his life and is in a very serious condition after the liver transplant. A benefit concert was also announced for Howie Pyro. It was made clear that all the collection from this concert will go to the treatment as well as for the living expenses of the artist who was battling death. There was a huge number of fans who attended this concert to support the artist.

D generation was founded in 1991 and the first album released didn’t go well but this band under the leadership of Pyro worked hard and later on this emerged as one of the most famous bands in the music industry.


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