How Old Is Larry Birkhead? Dating History, Net Worth, Wife, Bio, Children, And Career

Larry Birkhead is one of the most famous American photographers and an Actor. The well-famed actor and Photographer were born on 22nd January in Louisville Kentucky the United States. He is known among his fans for various appearances in different Shows and especially Celebrity Wife swap and Millionaire matchmaker. He was formerly in an affair with Anna Nicole Smith who was a model by profession. The Birkhead paternity case brought him mire in the limelight discussion.

About Larry Birkhead’s Early And Personal Life. 

Larry Birkhead was Larry Earl Birkhead to his father Larry L Birkhead and his mother is Nancy Birkhead about whose work life there is no information available on any public platform. He has spent his childhood with two brothers who were his siblings named Lewis Birkhead and Angela Birkhead. It is reported that he also has a half-sister whose name is Judy Birkhead.

How Old Is Larry Birkhead Dating History, Net Worth, Wife, Bio, Children, And Career

He completed his formal education at Doss High school from where he graduated in the year 1991. After graduation, he went to study at the University of Louisville where he received a degree in Journalism.  Since he is a Celebrity photographer he has worked with numerous famous actors and actresses.

Money He Earns

More than celebrity photography he is famous for his appearances on TV Shows like Wendy William’s show, Steve Harvey and wife swap, the Millionaire matchmaker and Entertainment tonight, etc. His daughter Dannielynn Birkhead has made several appearances on shows like Wife Swap, Steve Harvey, Inside edition, and much more. His Net worth is believed to be something around $ 10 Million

Relationships, Family, And Children’s

It is reported that Larry Birkhead dated Anna Nicole Smith whom he met at the Kentucky Derby around 2004. He was in a relationship with her for around 4 years and the couple welcomed a baby girl on September 7, 2006, whom we all know as Dannielynn Birkhead. There were some reports that Anna believed that Dannielynn was the daughter of her husband whose name was Howard. Anna reportedly died because of an accidental prescription overdose just 5 months after the birth of her daughter.

After the death of Anna, he filed a petition for a DNA test to find out and confirm whether she was the father of Dannielynn Birkhead or not. It was after this the famous Birkhead paternity case took place. The court, later on, took away the custody of Dannielynn Birkhead from Anna Nicole’s husband and gave it to Larry Birkhead who was her biological father.


He became even more popular after getting custody of her daughter legally. When we talk about his physique, he is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed around 75 kg. Larry has blue-colored eyes and brown hair. He has a normal follower force on social media. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter he has around 18.9k, 9.2k, and 18k followers respectively. He is often active on Social media. He often posts his photos on Social media and is much active over there.

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