Sydney Sweeney Is Being Sued For Violating The “LA Collective’s” Contract!!

The Euphoria actress, Sydney Sweeney, has been named in a lawsuit filed by LA Collective, a swimwear and lifestyle company, alleging that she breached an agreement to model and promote their products.
Last year, LA Collective signed with the 24-year-old actress to be an ambassador and influencer for their new Somewhere Swimwear collection, according to court documents obtained by TMZ

Sweeney Looked To Be Involved With The Plan

Sweeney looked to be involved with the plan, according to the source, because she gave her okay for designs and prototypes made for the range, according to court records.

Sydney Sweeney

Most recently: Sydney Sweeney, 24, is being sued by LA Collective, a swimwear and lifestyle company, for allegedly breaking an agreement to model and promote their items. Last month, she was photographed in Los Angeles.

Representatives for the Spokane, Washington-born actress eventually terminated the deal without explaining why, according to LA Collective.

According to LA Collective, Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on Euphoria, wore the swimsuit for at least five episodes of the HBO drama.

The company is seeking damages because it indicated in court records that the bikinis would generate $3 million in sales. According to Vogue, Sweeney has signed on as an ambassador for Manhattan-based fashion designer Tory Burch’s line of handbags and shoes.

According to legal filings, the actress agreed to be an ambassador and influencer for LA Collective’s upcoming Somewhere Swimwear collection last year. She was photographed at the Met Gala earlier this month. Representatives for the Spokane, Washington-born actress later cancelled the arrangement, according to LA Collective, without providing an explanation.

Sweeney is currently an ambassador for the fashion company and was recently featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Tory Burch and Company

Sweeney told the fashion magazine that she had admired the label since she was a child. ‘In third grade, my best friend gave us matching Tory headbands for Christmas, which stands out to me so much,’ Sweeney continued. ‘I’d never had anything like it; I was so happy that I wore the headband every day for weeks.’ My mother must have thought something was wrong with me because that was the first good thing she’d ever given me.

‘Growing up in a small town, everyone wanted to shop at Tory’s store [in the mall],’ says the author.

Working with Burch for the brand’s Christmas ad campaign last year was ‘very easy and straightforward,’ according to Sweeney, and they ‘totally hit it off when they met.’ Sweeney is “unapologetic and forceful in her approach to performing and business,” according to Vogue, and “one of the most gifted and relevant young artists working today,” according to Burch.

Sweeney is an MMA fighter who used to wrestle in high school. Sweeney has revealed that she creates “interactive diaries/timelines/memory books/pictures of the characters whole universe” from the character’s birth till the first page of the screenplay for each of her characters.


According to The Spokesman-Review, Sweeney donated $12,000 to numerous businesses in her hometown of Spokane in December 2020. The funds were utilised to feed homeless people in shelters.

Sweeney has been engaged to her longtime partner, Chicago restaurateur Jonathan Davino, since February 2022.

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