Travis Scott Makes First TV Comeback After The Shocking Astroworld Tragedy That Left 10 Dead!!

Travis Scott made his first TV entry at the Billboard Music Awards show on Sunday where he was seen for the first time on screen since the Astroworld tragedy which took the lives of 10 people. Travis Scott performed his song MAFIA along with a Bikini-clad dancer on the stage. 

Travis Returns To The Screen World

 Travis Scott was in shock after the Astroworld tragedy in which 10 people lost their lives. Travis faced a lot of legal woes along with a big backlash from the audience after his alleged handling of the deadly incident of the Astroworld.

Travis Scott

It was later revealed in the court that at least 4900 people were injured in the stampede which took place during his concert and there it self-10 people lost their lives.

The Attorneys Jason Itkin, Sean Roberts and Richard Mithoff reportedly said that at least 732 victims were severely injured in the stampede. 

They further claimed that at least 1649 victims are receiving less extensive treatment while the severity of the other 2540 victims is still under review.

It is brought to our notice that at least 740 people have filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and the show promoter for Nation and potential damages which is approximately 750 Million Us Dollars. 

 What Happened In Astroworld Park? 

The Astroworld tragedy is one of the tragedies which still haunts many as it took away the lives of 10 innocents as well as left a huge number of people injured. On November 5, 2021, Travis Scott’s deadly Astroworld Festival concert claimed the lives of ten people.

They died from accidental compressive asphyxiation due to a crowd crush in the stampede. The event was reportedly held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas and it was the first night of the annual festival founded by Scott in 2018 where the stamp took place.

It was further reported that a total of eight people passed away on the night of the concert, and two more people from the audience who were present to watch Travis Scott died in the hospital over the coming days.

More than Twenty-two people were hospitalized, and more than 300 people were treated for injuries at the festival’s field hospital itself. In January, the Texas Judicial Panel later combined the hundreds of lawsuits on the Astroworld festival into one single case.

The matter is still under the judiciary. The lawsuit further claimed that there was huge negligence in the management of the event. The total estimate was made to be around 50000 audiences.


In the new court filing, it is reported that the total number of people injured was 4900 which is very much than the reported before.

Shaniya Williamson and Jarawd Owens are among those who are in front of those who filed the lawsuit against Scott and the organizers. It is reported that Williamson was crushed in the stamped which resulted in their death of hers and Jarawd’s unborn child’s death.

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