Walking Dead: Hints Morgan Expected To Return To The Main Show!!

The Walking dead is a fictional horror American TV show based on a Post-apocalyptic situation. This series is based on a comic book written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

This is a very interesting story where some humans try to survive in a very difficult situation of post-apocalypse where they are always under the fear of being attacked by a Flesh Zombie. 

The Story Of This Show Even Becomes More Interesting

Though this show is fictional this show is very capable to glue the audience to their seats.

Walking Dead

The story of this show even becomes more interesting when the cast of the show began to fight among themselves to protect their ethics and moral values even in the odd times of zombie apocalypse.

Morgan To Return To The Show

 Morgan Jones which was played by Lennie James was one of the most loved veterans of the apocalyptic battle between Humans and zombies.

When he made his entry in the first episode of the series he was the one to inform Rick Grimes that there is a sudden unexpected dangerous outbreak in the city.

He made a guest appearance in season 3 of the show and by season 5 his appearances in the show became more frequent than before. He was separated from Rick’s group after he was unable to make sure whether he has to pick up the path of violence or peace. 

 Morgan has been a very strong protagonist and he had been a true leader. The audience witnessed that he is both a merciful as well as a brave person too.

On the initial level, Morgan was trying to take his friends to the city of Alexandria but he settled in the valley town which was abandoned after the apocalypse fighting with the dead.


He was the founder as well as the leader in this scenario. We are yet to wait for the official confirmation by Morgan to confirm to you whether he will be returning to the show or not.

Where Will Morgan Return?

The return of Morgan is still a feasible thing to happen in the show. He is expected to return to Alexandria and fill up his absence. It is being said that Morgan will return to Alexandria out of the winds of his fate.

He may have a strong sense of guilt too while returning here. It is reported that the area is a nuclear wasteland and is not at all suitable to bring up a kid.

Morgan hasn’t appeared in season 10 and season 11 of the show. It may take a long for him to arrive but one thing is sure he will arrive in the coming future.

Some fans also said that Morgan’s entry in the final episode of the series will be a great tribute to the long-standing personality of the show. Now it will be really interesting to see what will happen in the upcoming episodes and where the story will end.

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